“She encouraged me, pushed me and really fast forwarded my yoga journey.”

Arfa was my private yoga instructor for about 6-7 months a year ago. I’ve always had an interest in yoga but wanted to learn and understand on a deeper level. I wanted each movement to be exactly aligned and could never find a yoga instructor who truly inspired me. I started noticing Arfa on her Instagram and was amazed by her graceful yoga photos/videos. I contacted her and soon began our classes. She was extremely accommodating to my schedule and really took the time to understand my  goals. She would come prepared with a flow in mind, tackling different poses each lesson and would even send me a write up of detailed poses if we couldn’t meet one week! She encouraged me, pushed me, and really fast forwarded my yoga journey. I learned SO much from Arfa and until this day I aspire to be a yogi like her! She is just incredible and I can’t wait to have some more lessons with her again!

– Nadia K.