Private Yoga Program

Feel Like Yourself Again

This is a holistic program that combines Yoga and Ayurveda to experience your healthiest body & mind. Ayurveda is the world’s oldest health system and is practiced all over the world today, gaining much popularity within the Western world. Yoga is so much more powerful when practiced with Ayurveda as they go beautifully hand in hand, allowing you to thrive as you live according to your nature & heal through nature.


Prices are for online sessions only. For in person sessions price varies by distance, please contact me to learn more.

A) For the Eager: $280 for 4 weeks at twice per week

B) For the Patient: $320 for 8 weeks at once per week

C) For the Specific: contact me if you have different needs, I can create a package just for you 🙏🏼


  • 8 one hour yoga sessions that include poses, breathwork & meditation
  • Lifestyle coaching based on Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science)
  • One weekly homework video to keep the client on track
  • A full assessment done every 4 to 8 weeks to track progress

A Holistic Way of Life

Human beings are inextricably connected to nature. Yoga’s 8 limbed path takes care of the body, mind & spirit. Ayurveda includes yoga practice & takes it further by focusing on lifestyle practices, herbs & nature’s rhythms for prevention of disease, healing and living a healthy and balanced life.

As an Ayurveda coach, I use observation, examination and interview to find out your unique mind-body type. We also use a comprehensive mind-body type test that helps us figure out your unique personal blueprint from nature. Much of western healing modalities use a one-size-fits-all approach, while Ayurveda provides treatment & prevention based on the individual.

Weekly Videos

Every week you will receive a homework video that helps you keep up with your practice on your own time. These can vary from practicing specific yoga poses to meditations. The videos will be tailored to your skill level, below is an example of a weekly homework video you might get:


Zoom sessions will be recorded and at the end of every 4-week to 8-week period depending on your progress, the client will receive a video highlighting their notable progress in flexibility, strength, alignment, balance and more.

all pricing is in CAD. for in-person sessions, contact me to discuss the rate.

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