Group Classes


GROUNDED is a beginner to intermediate hatha yoga class that includes lots of grounding postures & creates a calming, centered and peaceful energy.

This class focuses on strength, stability and flexibility. Whether you are a busy professional, a parent, a student or anything in between — this class can help you feel less stressed, more relaxed and more at ease.

Grounding poses can create a wholesome yoga class, and include:

  • standing strength poses
  • balance poses
  • floor poses — including backbends, twists, flexibility & inversions.
  • meditation

If life seems chaotic, or you are struggling with mental health, or are simply looking for tools to help you better manage stress . . . it is my hope that this class — which is filled with the intention of GROUNDEDNESS — gives you exactly what you need most.

All group classes will be infused with a theme based on the pillars of Salam Yoga, and Grounded is the first pillar. 

See you on the screen!

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