Corporate Yoga Sessions

Reap the benefits of health & wellness in the workplace…

Looking for your next team building activity, employee appreciation event, or to reduce employee stress at work?

My name is Arfa, and I am an experienced workplace yoga instructor offering classes for offices, schools, and various organizations.

Here are companies I’ve worked with:

Whether you are looking to offer these services for a company-wide event or want to have a regular yoga or meditation schedule for your employees, my services can help your team feel less stressed, more energized AND as research has proven — more productive!

Choose from one of the options below or customize based on your preferences:

Yoga sessions will consist of stretches and postures that can be done without equipment or athletic wear along with breathing techniques and mindfulness.  

  • 30 minutes ~ $100
  • 45 minutes ~ $125

Any number of people from your organization can join in on these events!

All sessions are virtual and can be done via Zoom, Webex, or whichever video conferencing platform your company uses.

If you would like in-person / on-site yoga, please contact me to discuss further.

The most successful companies know that employee wellbeing is essential.

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Stress-related absences cost Canadian employers about $3.5 billion each year.

(Workplace Safety & Prevention Services)

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