Welcome to Salam Yoga!

My name is Arfa and I am a yoga instructor in Durham Region/Greater Toronto area. On this site you can find out a little more about me, the classes I teach and information on private sessions. I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait to connect with you in one of my classes, workshops or digitally.



Arfa was my private yoga instructor for about 6-7 months a year ago. I’ve always had an interest in yoga but wanted to learn and understand on a deeper level. I wanted each movement to be exactly aligned and could never find a yoga instructor who truly inspired me. I started noticing Arfa on her Instagram and was amazed by her graceful yoga photos/videos. I contacted her and soon began our classes. She was extremely accommodating to my schedule and really took the time to understand my  goals. She would come prepared with a flow in mind, tackling different poses each lesson and would even send me a write up of detailed poses if we couldn’t meet one week! She encouraged me, pushed me, and really fast forwarded my yoga journey. I learned SO much from Arfa and until this day I aspire to be a yogi like her! She is just incredible and I can’t wait to have some more lessons with her again!

– Nadia K.

“She encouraged me, pushed me and really fast forwarded my yoga journey.”

After taking yoga with Arfa, it is very evident that she is living and breathing her true purpose! Her passion for yoga as not only a practice but a way of life is something she brings to her classes, making the experience a truly authentic one.  In a world where it feels as though yoga has been taken and turned into a commodity by the West, she has stuck to her roots. As someone who has known her for over a decade, I couldn’t be more PROUD. Her classes are not only a great workout, but are also therapeutic as a result of her calming and serene presence – which to me is the perfect balance. So if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further. Keep shining Arfa!

– Byravi D.

“Her passion for yoga as not only a practice but a way of life is something she brings to her classes”